The story of Prince Chameleon was adapted to a playscript in collaboration with children, by Kerry Gray, Head of Drama at Woodbridge High School, U.K. It was performed at Trinity Community Centre in 1998



  • Narrator
  • King
  • Queen
  • Prince Chameleon
  • Prince Destiny
  • Rainbow Fairy
  • Footman
  • 2 Servants
  • 3 Guests
  • Old Falcon Fairy
  • Mushroom
  • Second King (Father of Princess Iris)
  • Second Queen (Mother of Princess Iris)
  • Princess Iris
  • Ambassador
  • Royal Chamberlain
  • Troop of Soldiers
  • River
  • Ghost Minstrel (Prince Chameleon’s castle)
  • Ghost Seamstress (Prince Chameleon’s castle)
  • Ghost Miller (Prince Chameleon’s castle)
  • Ghost Serving Maiden (Prince Chameleon’s castle)
  • Ghost Footman (Prince Chameleon’s castle)
  • Ghost Palace Guard (Prince Chameleon’s castle)
  • Echo Voices

SCENE 1: {In the Palace} Narrator, Rainbow Fairy, King and Queen standing side by side, Prince Destiny, 3 guests

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a king and queen. They were very sad because they had no children.

King: I want a son to take over the Kingdom.

Queen: Will we ever have a child?

Narrator: One day a baby boy was born. The king and queen invited all the guests to the christening party.

(The queen is holding the baby. 3 guests enter, looking happy.)

Narrator: At the stroke of midnight, a Rainbow Fairy appeared.

Rainbow Fairy: (raising a wand) I bring a gift for the royal child.

Queen: A gift of riches!
King: Of power!

Rainbow Fairy: Destiny. I bring a gift of Destiny.

Guest One: Destiny?

Guest Two: Destiny.

Guest Three: Prince Destiny—a royal name, indeed!

SCENE 2: {In the Treasury} Narrator, Prince Destiny counting gold coins.

Narrator: Prince Destiny grew older. He spent his day in the Treasury counting all the money. He never played. His parents were very proud of him.

King: He will soon take over the affairs of the Kingdom.
Queen: (sighing loudly) He worries too much.

SCENE 3: {In the Palace} Narrator, King and Queen, Prince Chameleon, 3 guests, footman, Falcon Fairy, Prince Destiny

Narrator: When Prince Destiny was seven years old, a second son was born. Another christening was held.

(The queen is holding the baby. Three guests enter, looking happy. Prince Destiny is staring at his baby brother and looking glum.)

Narrator: Everyone waited and waited for the Rainbow Fairy. Finally an old woman appeared.

Footman: Halt! (pause) Halt!

Guest One: Who is this?

Falcon Fairy: Don’t you know me? I bring a gift for the royal child.

Queen: Beauty?

King: Courage?

Falcon Fairy: I have one last gift. It is the gift of the Chameleon.

Guest Two: Chameleon?

Guest Three: Chameleon?

Guest One: But that’s a lizard! A lizard that changes the colour of its skin. Prince Lizard? What kind of gift is that?

SCENE 4: {In the Palace} Narrator, King and Queen, Prince Chameleon, Prince Destiny, Narrator

Narrator: As Prince Chameleon was growing up, no one dared call him by his real name. He was a very playful Prince who liked to change into beautiful shapes and colours.

(Prince Chameleon dancing and skipping, trying to catch rainbows in the sky.)

Prince Destiny: He is so silly! I am going to call him Prince Jester!

Queen: Don’t be so unkind.

King: When will he learn to be a Prince?

Queen: Patience! Give him more time.

SCENE 5: {In the Courtyard} Narrator, Prince Chameleon, servants

Narrator: Time passed and Chameleon began to hear whispering in the courtyard.

Servant 1: Chameleon! His name is Chameleon.

Servant 2: What a stupid name!
Prince Chameleon: (looking angry and embarrassed) I wish I had a name like Prince Destiny. Father would be proud. And no one would ever laugh at me again.

SCENE 6: {Palace gardens and forest} Narrator, Prince Chameleon, Prince Destiny, mushroom

Narrator: One day, Prince Chameleon ran off into the forest. He met a mushroom along the path.

Prince Chameleon: Oh, little mushroom, you have the prettiest brown petticoats I’ve ever seen.

Mushroom: Thank you, Your Highness. (gives a loud sigh) It takes forever to fold them to such perfect pleats.

Prince Chameleon: But you’re so fragile, I’m almost afraid to touch you.

Mushroom: Of course, I am fragile, Your Highness—and beautiful. I am a mushroom.

Prince Chameleon: And I am Prince—

Mushroom: Prince Who?

Prince Chameleon: To tell the truth, I don’t know who I am.

Mushroom: Do you mean you’re searching for your soul?

Prince Chameleon: Yes, well, I suppose so.

Mushroom: Then you must find the Rainbow Fairy. She’s the Keeper of Souls, and she lives in the Land of Mists and Mazes.

Prince Chameleon: Won’t you help me, little mushroom? May I try on your cape, just for a moment—and become a mushroom?

Mushroom: (laughing) You can’t do that!

Prince Chameleon: Of course I can! (Prince Chameleon slips inside the mushroom) There! What did I tell you?

Narrator: Suddenly, Prince Destiny came driving toward them in his carriage.

(Prince Destiny’s carriage wheel rolls over the mushroom and knocks Prince Chameleon flat onto the ground)

Prince Chameleon: (kneeling) Oh, my poor little mushroom—

Mushroom: (faintly) But you wouldn’t give up your own life for me. You don’t have the soul of a mushroom, Your Highness! I am sure.

(The mushroom dies)


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