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Midsummer Moon tells the story of lame-footed Princess Sharma, who lives under the spell of the Forest Sorceress. One day, a poor young woodsman is sent up the mountain side to the Enchanted Forest, bringing a pair of ‘magic slippers’ for her to dance in.

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Believe it or not," said Count Owl, "I can trace my family roots all the way back to the Transylvanian House of Kronenberg. Once upon a time we were Lords of the forest!"

He looked down from the oak tree and a huge tear dropped from his yellow eyes. The Count was talking to Mistress Grimsly Mushroom who was the headmistress of the Grimsly Mushroom Academy. She taught lessons here under the oak tree from dusk to dawn.

"Hush, girls, stop your giggling," she said to the grinning toadstools. They were dressed, as usual, in crimson hooped skirts spangled with bright spots, which was such a bad example for her serious young ladies at the Mushroom Academy. "Now, does anyone remember last night’s lesson? What are the best colours for young ladies?"

"Woodbark brown," answered one of her brightest pupils.

"Very good," said the headmistress. "What else?"

"Creamy satin for evening dresses."

"Excellent!" said Mistress Grimsly with a smile. "And occasionally, I might allow a dainty flush of rose pink."

Some excited chattering broke out among the toadstools.

"I said only occasionally," said the schoolmistress. "At most, once or twice a year, at the Feast of the Midsummer Moon."

"Oh, Mistress Grimsly, what happens then?" asked little Marsha Mushroom, poking her head out of the ground. She often arrived late and so she had missed a lot of what was happening.

"Well, everyone dresses up in their finest gowns and we all have a midnight feast to celebrate the coming of summer."

"Oh, that must be such fun! When is the Feast of Midsummer?"

"Not soon," said Mistress Grimsly. "The ground is bitter cold and spring is late again this year."


1. ( Transylvanian ) across or through the woods, from the Latin.

2. (_) know all about my family history

3. (_) the hard crust around a tree trunk

4. (_) a kind of poisonous mushroom

5. (_) dotted with bright colours

6. (_) all through the night

7. (_) Masters, Rulers

8. (_) a special meal

9. (_) have a party

10. (_) a school


1. Why is Count Owl so proud of his family history?
2. What do you think the toadstools are giggling about?
3. What is Mistress Grimsly trying to teach her mushroom pupils?
4. Who always arrives late for lessons?
5. When is the Feast of the Midsummer Moon?

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