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How does the FUNLIT SERIES work?

This new approach to storytelling, featuring sound and interactivity, helps children to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in fun and stimulating ways. Watch the short video PROMO on YouTube

How can I use them with my children or students?

The FUNLIT SERIES of illustrated workbooks are straightforward to use in class or at home. They provide clear, simple instructions and a comprehensive answer key.

The FUNLIT SERIES: Millennium Tales



Prince Chameleon tells the story of a young prince who is searching for his soul. He tries on many magical disguises, but gets deeper and deeper into trouble until he meets the ancient Rainbow Fairy who holds the secret to his quest. Prince Chameleon Companion CD, 60minutes.



The FUNLIT SERIES: Millennium Tales



Mirror and the Beast tells the story of a solitary young prince, left alone in his castle, who gradually turns into a beast. As long as the evil mirror holds him prisoner, it seems that no one is able to help.Mirror and the Beast Companion CD, 40minutes.



The FUNLIT SERIES: Millennium Tales



Midsummer Moon tells the story of lame-footed Princess Sharma, who lives under the spell of the Forest Sorceress. One day, a poor young woodsman is sent up the mountain side to the Enchanted Forest, bringing a pair of ‘magic slippers’ for her to dance in.Midsummer Moon Companion CD, 55 minutes.



The FUNLIT SERIES: Millennium Tales



Northern Isle of Dreams tells the story of the long search for a young prince who left his war-torn kingdom, long ago, for the legendary Northern Isle of Dreams. Northern Isle of Dreams Companion CD, 45 minutes.



What parents, children, teachers, librarians and book reviewers are saying about THE MILLENNIUM TALES

with Answer Key and Companion CD from Prince Chameleon Press


The story is beautifully narrated on a companion CD with music and sound effects. Useful for a Fairy Tale Unit or as an independent enrichment activity in a learning centre or resource room setting; these four workbooks encourage vocabulary enrichment, and critical and creative thinking through an entertaining medium that children will enjoy.
Canadian Teacher Magazine, Book Reviews, Spring 2005.

I used the PRINCE CHAMELEON WORKBOOK as a shared reading exercise. I found the work was pitched at exactly the right level. The story promoted a really interesting discussion, and the whole held the children’s attention throughout, giving rise to further discussion at a later date.
Darrel Debenham, Deputy Head Teacher, Year 6, St.George the Martyr Primary School, Holborn, Central London, U.K.

I have a three-year-old girl who is mesmerised by the stories and pictures. Brilliant concept!
Jezz Wright, Producer of the Jack&Holly Audio Visual Series, Jack&Holly, Media lecturer, City College Norwich, U.K.

I liked the short excerpts. It fitted well with my short time slots, and the children were enthusiastic about doing the exercises.
Mary Pachkowsky, Grade 5 Teacher, St.Lambert, Quebec, Canada.

The Prince Chameleon Workbook is most impressive—maybe our teachers can use it as a model,
Karen Findlay, School Librarian, Royal West Academy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The children were enchanted by Prince Chameleon...spellbound,
Gail Robinson, Grade5/6 Teacher, Elizabeth Ballantyne School, Montreal West, Que, Canada

In THE NORTHERN ISLE OF DREAMS, the author...has succeeded in writing a narrative that works at several levels and that will appeal to a variety of age groups.
Sheila Martindale, Canadian Book Reviewer

The rich language makes learning enjoyable and rewarding.
Zena Faith Levine, Montreal Review of Books

It’s good because it encourages children to look up words they don’t know in the dictionary.
Geraldine Fitzmaurice, Year 4 Teacher, St.George the Martyr Primary School, Holborn, Central London, U.K.

Nazia enjoyed listening to the PRINCE CHAMELEON story. Although recently arrived in the U.K. and struggling to learn English, she was very much attracted to the book and made a great effort to understand the audiotape and story.

Raminder Virdee, Section 11 Teacher, Sarah Bonnel School, Forest Gate, East London, U.K.

Adolescent enthralled - by intriguing fairy tale, THE NORTHERN ISLE OF DREAMS.
Barbara Black, Montreal Gazette Children’s Book Critic, Canada

The children found the language and imagery vivid and stimulating.
Sarah Cunningham, Year 3 Teacher, St.George the Martyr Primary School, Holborn, Central London, U.K.

The children enjoyed both the stories and the tapes; even those pupils with language difficulties managed to follow quite well. The worksheets are very useful. I think what you are offering is ideal.
Rosemary Carter, Year 5 Teacher, Southbury School, Ponders End, North London, U.K.

The children were really enthusiastic about adapting the story of PRINCE CHAMELEON into a playscript, and performing the play before an audience. Although the story’s theme and plot are complex, the children showed genuine insight into its meaning.
Kerry Gray, Head of Drama, Woodbridge High School, Woodford Green, U.K.

Thank you for the copy of the first workbook PRINCE CHAMELEON. It is very well produced.
Jean Cox, Headteacher, Tyssen Primary School, Stamford Hill, North London, U.K.

My daughter read Prince Chameleon and managed to read the instructions, draw all the illustrations and complete the exercises without any help. She then took the book on holiday to India with her and returned with it in her schoolbag. Once school started again in September, she refused to part with it.
Francis Angilose, Branch Manager, Adult Education Department, Newham Community Education, East London, U.K.

Thank you for THE MIRROR AND THE BEAST Workbook; I was absolutely enchanted by it. What you are doing at Prince_Chameleon Press is of vital importance – to expand the mind and imagination, and enrich the vocabulary of the upcoming generation
Shirley MacGregor, retired Lecturer, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

The tape is wonderful. I listen to it every day.
Letter from Siofra, Dublin, Ireland.


Meet the Creators of the


Christina Manolescu
Prize-winning author and founder of Prince Chameleon Press

Samantha Thomson
Artist, Graduate of the West Surrey College of Art and Design, U.K.

Paola Dionisotti
Narrator, Winner of the London, UK, Evening Standard Award for Best Actress, 2000

Jezz Wright
Musician, Technician, Record Producer for "blockhouse studios," BBC Radio and Radio Talk, UK

A Word to Teacher and Parent...

THE PRINCE CHAMELEON WORKBOOK and Answer Key with its companion CD is designed for children aged 9 and older. It may be used as a self-contained language arts project in the classroom, as well as for independent study at home.

Its WORD WIZARD section offers a systematic approach to vocabulary enrichment, while being centered around the literature of Fable and Fairy Tale.

The DISCUSSION QUESTIONS encourage young readers to draw inferences beyond the text of the story, as well as to express their personal opinion.

The PRINCE CHAMELEON WORD TREASURY and WHICH WORD DOESN’T BELONG? provide practice in associating and classifying ideas.

BUILDING WORDS and FAULTS AND VIRTUES explore the formation of compound nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

WHAT HAPPENED FIRST? provides practice in determining the correct time sequence of events.

Last but not least, the children’s capacity for creativity and attention to detail is stimulated and challenged by the opportunity to illustrate the story of Prince_Chameleon exactly as they visualize it.


All children love fairy tales, from the collections of the brothers Grimm, Andrew Lang, Charles Perrault and Hans Christian Andersen to the more contemporary tales of Oscar Wilde.

Bruno Bettelheim, child psychologist and acknowledged authority on folk and fantasy literature for children, says in his book 'The Uses of Enchantment': Nothing can be as enriching and satisfying to child and adult alike as the folk or fairy tale. They start where the child really is in his psychological and emotional being; they direct him to discover his identity and calling, and they also suggest what experiences are needed to develop his character further.

The Millennium Tales from Prince Chameleon Press usher the fairy tale genre into the twenty-first century, while still retaining its magic, its mythic quest, its psychological accuracy and depth.

The stories are generally suitable for children aged nine and older, although reading ability may differ widely. The quality of language is elevated and elegant. The stories are rich in vocabulary and detail. One by one, they explore the universal themes of personal identity and purpose, social isolation and redemption, life, growth and fertility, and war and peace in our time.

The tales are moral and spiritual, without ever becoming “preachy.”

They have been refined and developed for use within schools, at home, and in home-schooling programs.

With their beautifully produced CD, enhanced by incidental music and evocative sound effects, they offer a unique blend of literature and literacy for the enchantment and education of our children. The companion CDs are intended specifically to help them access and understand the stories with ease.

The Instructions and Comprehensive Answer Key are practical and simple to use, both for children and adults.

The discussion questions are open-ended and the spaces for images encourage the children’s creative input, all of which fosters learning in an effortless and entertaining way.

While there certainly is a place in the formal curriculum for basal graded readers, i.e., stories produced with controlled vocabulary and geared to specific reading levels, the Millennium Tales were created and developed in a more organic fashion.

The essential criteria were that they should:

* tell a good story

* provide a model of excellence, i.e., be formative in the children’s literary, as well as personal development

* ring psychologically true.

Characteristic of the Millennium Tales is that they offer more dialogue, more drama, stronger character development and greater complexity than the familiar classic fairy tale.

They also lend themselves to theatrical adaptation in the classroom. They are intended to be formative in the children’s literary, as well as personal development.

The stories were created and developed into a program of literature-literacy that has proven useful and effective in the classroom, both in Canada and abroad.


We hope you enjoy these FREE SAMPLE LITERACY MATERIALS from Prince Chameleon Press!