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Prince Chameleon tells the story of a young prince who is searching for his soul. He tries on many magical disguises, but gets deeper and deeper into trouble until he meets the ancient Rainbow Fairy who holds the secret to his quest.

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There once lived a King and Queen who had waited many years for a child. They had waited so long that the King's hair grew white, and the Queen sent the cradle up into the attic so she wouldn't have to look at it any more. But at last, after they had lost all hope, a son was born. So the cradle was carried back downstairs. Its covering of cobwebs was carefully brushed away. All the lords and ladies of the kingdom were invited to the christening. Late into the evening they laughed, they chattered and danced together. Servants clattered in and out with their dishes. The Prince cried loudly in his cradle. Dogs barked. It was the noisiest, the happiest feast day the kingdom had ever seen.

Then the stroke of midnight sounded. The curtains billowed. A sharp wind blew through the hall. Draped in the mist of rainbows, a tall majestic fairy floated into the state room and stooped over the cradle.

"A gift of riches," hoped the Queen.

"Of power," muttered the King.

"Destiny," said the Rainbow Fairy, with a graceful nod of her head. "I bestow on the Prince the gift of Destiny."

"Prince Destiny - Destiny - Destiny. A royal name indeed," mumbled the guests. Of course, the old King and Queen were overjoyed; but the royal baby scrunched up his tiny, red face and let out a most unprincely howl.

Prince Destiny grew older. Quickly he stepped into his father's shoes. Almost as soon as he learned to count, he climbed up the steps to the treasury. He spent hours stacking the coins into tidy rows, studying the ledgers, balancing the accounts. He rarely smiled. He spent no time at play. The old King and Queen watched over him anxiously, but with pride.

"He will soon take over the affairs of the kingdom," declared his father.

"He worries too much," fussed his mother.


1. ( howl ) a loud unhappy cry

2. (___) ruled books for keeping accounts

3. (___) the naming of a newborn baby

4. (___) to blow open in the wind

5. (___) (she) bent her body low

6. (___) making a pile

7. (___) to give

8. (___) twisted


1. What is a symbol? It is something that stands in place of, or makes us think of something else.
2. What do these things make you think of? An old-fashioned water clock? An hourglass? A sundial? Do they make you think of Time passing? You decide.
3. What do you think it means to receive the gift of Destiny?
4. Why are the old King and Queen worried about Prince Destiny?
5. Why do you think Prince Destiny doesn't smile very often

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