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Mirror and the Beast tells the story of a solitary young prince, left alone in his castle, who gradually turns into a beast. As long as the evil mirror holds him prisoner, it seems that no one is able to help.

The beautifully produced MIRROR AND THE BEAST Companion CD features narration, sound effects and music.



There once lived a young Prince. First his father died, and then his mother. Then his twin sister Amanda, whom he loved very much, went away to marry the King of Mireneh, leaving him quite alone. At first the Prince felt lonely, but gradually he got used to his solitude and even began to like it. For company he had a family of noisy swallows who nested in the branches of the rose tree. And when the swallows had all flown away, he would look for the tiny Watersprite who lived in a silver bubble at the bottom of the fountain.

The Prince tried very hard to make friends with the Watersprite, but sometimes she was gay and bubbly and other times she was moody. Some mornings she would come floating up to talk to him, but very often she would not. And even though he woke up earlier and earlier each morning he could never catch the tiny glittering Sunsprite who slid over the hill at sunrise, but then raced away, without warning, leaving a trail of sundrops over the lawn.

So most of the time the Prince had no one to talk to, for he had sent away the gardener and the maidservants and the footmen and even the cook. Now this strange behaviour had started all the townspeople a-gossiping.

"Perhaps our young Prince is ill," they said. "Perhaps he is in grave danger and cannot send for help."


1. ( solitude ) being alone

2. (_) feeling a little sad, being quiet

3. (_) birds with forked tails

4. (_) shining like gold

5. (_) made their nests

6. (_) little by little

7 (_) a sunny path

8. (_) serious


1. Why do you think the Prince sends everyone away from his castle?
2. If you were the Prince, would you do the same thing?
3. Do you like being alone sometimes?
4. Why are the townspeople worried about the Prince?

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